The War

Suddenly not a sound could be heard. The silent screams of the world could no longer be heard. The sound of crickets chirping to the night ceased, dripping taps, still leaking, dripped no more and darkness fell. It seemed like the earth stopped turning and the ticking of tic- toc clocks completely stopped. The only sand grains that fell were the ones being tossed around by crashing waves as the black ocean hugged the silver shore, but time did not cease; the hour glass remained in its forever changing form, for the tiny grains still slipped through the top as they streamed down into the bottom, like a river flowing free. Time flying by, out of sight, a minute felt like second but a second felt like an hour. I felt every beat of my heart, the blood went in and the blood went out, galloping through my veins; I felt my neck pulsing. Was it fear? Excitement? Only time would tell but to tell time, it had to be measured, much like chasing a rainbow, it would create more questions than provide answers and as it was, I had enough questions. Questions with no answers, images of nothing, everything was something but I had no access to what anything was. Conscious, I knew that I was still alive but knowledge meant nothing. It held no power for I was no longer in the world of knowledge; I entered into a completely new dimension; a parallel universe if you may.

My eyes shut tight, yet wide open. My diaphragm lifted and collapsed, just like the waves rolled in and crashed, only to roll back into the dark depths yet again. Breathing deep, I exhaled a steady stream of steam into the dark, cold night.

Thinking of him; Was this love? More like war…



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