Happiness Unlocked…

People spend their lives searching. Like sniffer dogs in the dark of night, they wonder through a forest choked by a chain. They are so engaged in the scent they are following, so concentrated on pleasing the people holding their chokers, they neglect everything around them. They become blind, deaf and although they run, they are lame. They don’t see the flowers bathed in the moon light, the mirror in puddles, the beauty that is all around them; they don’t see the beauty within themselves. Fixated on finding ‘something’, they lose track of what it is they are after – they just charge on. Passing their own lives as they run over the graves of their descendants, they are oblivious to all that they have, to all that they could have.

People seek and search for things everyday of their lives. Keys, wallets…marbles. They are constantly looking for things, but what I refer to is far greater than those much-needed objects. If you asked 100 random people “What do you want?” you would get some interesting  responses, but the majority of answers will amount to something along the lines of “I want to be rich”, “I want to be successful” and last but not least “I want to be happy”.  I want to be happy – Such a simple thing yet so many people suffer from depression, so many people wish they weren’t born, suicidal thoughts, self-mutilation, rejection, broken self-images – why is the world full of this when it is almost everyone’s wish to be happy?

The people who want success – they too actually just want happiness. They have just bound happiness and success into one thing but actually, they are worlds apart. The same goes for wealth – ‘Rich’ equals success, success equals happiness but like I said, they are worlds apart – wealth and success needs to be earned.

Like the sniffer dogs, people who seek wealth and success become blind to everything beautiful, their noses become so full of the stench from the scent they are following, they lose scent of how bad it actually smells. They no longer remember the scent of a rose – they are blind to roses, to trees and flowing water. These things become nothing but obstacles to them – they get in the way of what they want, or what they think they want.

Happiness isn’t an object; it’s not a person, not a song, not a delicious chocolate cake. It’s not a job, a sports car, a model wife or husband. Happiness is not anything tangible, you can’t smell it, can’t taste it. Happiness is a feeling – the things listed can make that feeling double and multiply but if it’s not in you, if you think and feel like you need to accomplish things for it to be in you – you’re on the wrong path. If small things like butterflies and rainbows don’t awaken that feeling where you’re warm and something within you “pops,” and pops again…you have lost happiness. You have grown old -growing up is necessary but growing old in spirit will rob you of your happiness. People are taught that doing things they used to love becomes inappropriate for their “age”  but Look at happy, “old” people, they are few and hard to find but they are the ones who dance on tables and swap teeth to “try it out”, they are the ones who still blow bubbles and laugh; who swing even though their tired old bones will not survive another fall. They have the pop of happiness because they never denied the things that made them happy when they were growing up. They told society and its beliefs to go to hell because so what if they liked dancing – so what if they couldn’t dance – it brought them joy and because it did, they didn’t care what people thought and did. In a crowd at a restaurant, if an old lady is shaking her hips, what would your response be? You can leave – keep following the stench of being rich or successful, you can laugh at, you can laugh with or you can get up and go dance with her. I hope the latter two are what you would choose, because life isn’t all about suits and caviar and silver plates and diamond rings. It’s all a journey; don’t get to the end of your road carrying nothing but a full bank account.

Get to the end and have the ability to say that you have watched the sun rise – not because you pulled an all-nighter for business sake, but because you never went to sleep the night before just so that you could see the earth moving, so that you could see the palette of colours the sun brings with it as it awakens the land. Have the ability to say that you have danced in the rain, bathed in mud, kissed the one you love under the stars because those things are memories that will always make your heart smile.

Value what truly matters. Make time for the people you love – to do the things you love together. “Death smiles at us all” – Death is not interested in smiling at the faces on your notes ($)  – he smiles at you. Smile back at him, don’t fix your gaze on that face, or those faces ($). Look him in the eyes and humbly proclaim “I have lived.”





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