The Glitch

Living the spastic life…

You know what, it’s tough. It’s what I know – what i have always known. Some days it’s not too tough and then other days – it’s a mission. I usually forget that I’m spastic. It’s not really forgetting – i guess; it’s just my ‘normal’…I doubt you spend time thinking about the fact that you’re not spastic. It would be like harping on the fact that you have the eye colour you have – it is what it is. 

It’s only when I get a glimps of my reflection in shops’ windows, or when my shadow guides me. Also when i have to climb stairs, or my hip painfully clicks…or I want to dance with my boyfriend and I realise that I move like a somewhat clumsy penguin having a stroke. He’s amazing by the way – my boyfriend. He’d probably be happy with just swaying from side to side, but I want to Salsa dammit. 

I’m actually not sure that I do forget – Come to think about it, No – I don’t forget. I just realise that I am more than a Spazz, and my strengths out weigh my weaknesses – not necessarily in numbers. I use my weaknesses in ways which strengthen me, thus moving them from the “weakness” category over to the “Strengths” section.

Life is what you make it. I have a glitch…but because of it, I am Stronger. 



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