The Glass Slipper


I decided many years ago it would be me against the world – not ‘up’ against the world. What i mean is, I never bought into the Prince Charming idea; I never was a great fan of Fairy-tales. The first time I watched Cinderella, my focus was solely on the talking mice . I remember being perplexed by the notion of a glass slipper. Firstly, I had big fluffy slippers – the featured picture looked nothing like my dog-head foot warmers, and secondly, what moron walks on shoes made from glass? I was sure they would break and Cinderella would be left with throbbing, painful feet! And a blood trail which would lead right to her – Idiot. So that’s not how that went down (thankfully), but see my point? – Not big into the Princess and everybody lived happily ever after notion.

Now, some years on, I find myself in love. Caught somewhat unaware, Cupid got me good. I still don’t buy into the fairy-tale notion but I think I know why Cinderella’s “slippers” were glass. It’s bloody terrifying!!! I have a spring in my step, I feel taller and apparently my eyes are extremely shiny (glass like). But I know that they – these shoes, and that which they symbolize, can break. Not only break but shatter – leaving me on the floor with glass in my feet and glass in my hands; leaving me in pieces. It’s a scary thought. This person who means so much to me, could leave at any moment. I’ve never placed my happiness in a person, profession or thing – Happiness comes from within. I am against the idea of having people “make you happy”. That being said, people do bring joy and this Lover of mine sure does bring me joy. His smile alone…joy floods my being.

This is the thing with love. You cannot make someone love you. You just have to step out and place your weight on the glass slippers – hoping that they are strong enough to carry you and all that comes with you.



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